Daughter of Light & Dark


I am a big fan of the fantasy quest - the coming together of different characters with their own personalities and skills to work together to achieve something that none may achieve alone. In this case the main character is Montayna - a freed slave girl who discovers her magikal abilities as she gathers together those people both human and fae who will aid her on her quest. She must discover why she is the Chosen One from the prophecy and what she must do to eventually fight the darkness that is threatening the land. She is guided by the ancient wizard Gilcune, who interprets the Prophecy as they travel. As well as the mysterious young girl Kaya who at times seems wise beyond her years. As the story progresses, some of her companions split off on their own journeys from time to time, which is another wonderful part of the fantasy quest. The story has been told so well through the characters that it kept me enthralled throughout. Although there were no battles and fighting as such, Montayna had to tap into her dark side in order to survive. I look forward to book two with anticipation of what further adventures are to come for Montayna and her companions.

Morgaine (Amazon Purchaser - April 14, 2013)

I found Daughter of Light & Dark to be an imaginative and readable story, full of readily identifiable sympathetic and colourful characters. I enjoy a traditional fantasy quest, and this book fits right in that genre. A young heroine - inexperienced and facing appalling danger while on her quest. She gathers wizards, elves, faeries and wolves to her and throws herself into her quest to rid her world of an evil that threatens it. The story is well paced as evidenced by the fact that it never drags on, even though there isn't the usual overdone swordplay action often seen in fantasy novels. It is a tribute to the storyteller that she keeps the readers attention without the use of the sometimes artifice of action, action, action. There are enough crisis situations to keep the story moving and exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it, and I look forward to the next edition. I was reminded of early David Eddings 'The Belgariad'.

Turaal (Amazon Purchaser - February 5, 2013)

I loved this book! It was like a fantasy adventure story set in another dimension, with a hint of mediaeval times, crossed with a Dan Millman type of spiritual journey. The main character, Montayna, has to grow up & into her magikal side quickly, as she discovers revelations about her true purpose in life. Though she must get through her journey alone, the characters show that working together as a group, & supporting her in any ways that they can, is clearly much more effective than going solo & trying to do it entirely on her own. This is such a good message to put out there in today's world of communicating & learning via computer more & more, instead of working together as a group. There are mystical animals and beings in the story, as well as people who can communicate with animals in ways that really aren't so far-fetched, in these times of "horse-whisperers" & the like being acceptable. The ending was a cliff-hanger & I hope the next book will be published soon, so I can follow on with Montayna's tale. Thanks, Ch'Kara SilverWolf!! It was a fantastic book.

Studio Lu (Amazon Purchaser - February 4, 2013)

Very interesting book. Great world building in this story. It felt like a Tolkien type world. The creatures were interesting. I like the care of the environment and respect for other life forms that was shown in this book. Spoiler alert: The book is sweetly romantic. There is an absence of blood and gore and graphic sex that gave me a good feeling. While the impending darkness hangs in the background of your mind, the characters are great to each other. They work together, we don't see jealousy or meanness in the primary group of creatures that help the chosen one on her quest. The world and the characters here were very complex. I was worried the chosen would have to make this trek on her own but she has plenty of help, perhaps because she is so gracious and loyal to her friends. I recommend this story to anyone who is looking for a wonderful fantasy with characters on a quest. The main character must constantly choose between good or evil. That is not as easy a choice as you would think it would be. It's a very involved and wonderful world and it is filled with well thought out and complex characters. Very good book.

Lalo (Amazon Purchaser - February 4, 2013)

This is a fine epic fantasy. I say epic because it's clear that this is only the first installment in what will be a long and involved journey for the heroine, Montayna. She is a powerful witch who was orphaned at a young age, and found, finally, by many powerful adepts and trained to harness her power. She learns about her mother and knows that she was a surpassing good witch, but finds, to her shock and dismay, that her father was a different thing altogether... the most powerful dark lord the world has ever known! Positives- this author has a fine grasp of fantasy and the vocabulary used in an ancient and archaic landscape. Her pace is languid and the mood throughout is melancholy and tension-filled. Negatives- I tend to like action-driven books... boom,boom,boom! This is more character driven, and one must not be in any hurry in this plot-line. If you just want to sit back and enjoy a beautifully detailed world in which magic can and does rule supreme, read this new fantasy by Ms. Silverwolf.

Linell Jeppsen (Amazon Purchaser - February 4, 2013)

While I would love to give this book five stars there are few issues in the beginning chapters that need revisions before I can. I the story is charming. A book I would definitely recommend to YA and Adults. Clean and sweet with some fine romantic elements this book should not cause a negative reaction for its content. The flash backs to the older characters lives are well written and intriguing. The quest is mostly straight forward and you want to have the heroine and her friends succeed. This book is the first book by a talented new author and as such it does need a bit of editing but mostly only in the opening chapter. There are flow issues and one spot I noted a change in tense in the same paragraph. Saying that read past it and the book gets much better as you read along. A light fantasy read.

Lisa Williamson (Amazon Purchaser - January 27, 2013)

This is an amazing story. I love the characters. Thank you for creating such a fun and exciting adventure for the world.

Bik (Amazon Purchaser - January 7, 2013)

At first I was not too sure I would get into this one, but after the first couple of chapters I was hooked. It is a change from todays "norm" and I got caught up in the story itself. It may need a bit more for some people as far as problems the characters have that are not quickly resolved, but I myself, loved it. I can not wait for the next one and really hope to be able to read it soon!

KityKatt (Amazon Purchaser - November 3, 2012)